Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rose colored glasses.

Suddenly my ducks are swimming toward one another and attempting to form a row. The key? Organization and relaxation. I have been so whiny on the blog lately (see: here, here, and here), but I'm happy to report that I am back. No more grouchy Grinch.

The shallow things that have really helped: campfire mochas and doing a congo line across the Union with a human dressed as a hot dog.

The in-between-shallow-and-deep things that have really helped: morning stretches, freezing cold air (it was 27° when I woke up this morning!), the khaki trench coat my sister surprised me with (!!), and an after-dinner art show. We went to the art show was on a whim. It was held in the old post office building that will be torn down from the inside and converted into a museum; yet the students who contributed to the show painted their masterpieces (seriously) wholeheartedly, knowing the day after the opening reception the walls would be crumbled by a bulldozer. It almost felt freeing.

The deep things that have really helped: prayer, creating a large Excel spreadsheet of places to apply (detailed with the organization/company name + contact information, etc.), and the mantra "Action always yields results", which I read in this book (a little gift my dad picked up for me).

I feel like me again. Quick to smile, to notice the way the shadow of a tree dances on a building, to actually taste decadence (see: campfire mochas). This whole job hunt is going to work out, after all. I'm going to spend the weekend digging deeper into the career search, practicing my guitar, going to a play, and doing lots of stretches in the chilly early morning light.

Found the picture here.


  1. Dude. I love it when I feel like me. Sounds dumb when I just said that in my head... But I totally know what you mean! Do you like Mumford & Sons?? That lyric, " I'll know my name as it's called again.." anyway, that's what it made me think of. :)

  2. cheers merritt! :) glad you're feeling back to yourself again.