Monday, October 24, 2011

Researching & writing & applying.

Today I'm that crazy lady wearing a high bun & yoga pants that may or may not have been pajamas a few hours earlier. I'm listening to this & this very loud and on repeat. I'm chugging espresso - as much as you can chug hot liquid - and pounding away at the keys as I type cover letter after cover letter. I did so much job research this weekend. I feel incredibly productive and - strangely, still - at peace about the career search. But because I am researching and writing and applying, I don't exactly have time to blog today. You might be like, "Well, what's this then?" and I'm like: "Mmm, it's ending here."

To tide you over until tomorrow (I'm hilarious), go check out my newly updated About Lou page.

The cutest-type-writer-in-the-world picture was found here.


  1. Love your about me page! That's awesome that your being so productive- my hat goes off to you!

  2. Oh boy. I feel you! I'm getting ready to apply to graduate schools and find a job in another state! Scary! Good luck to you. :)

  3. @Kate, Thank you! And we'll see how long the productivity lasts ;)

    @Liz, Ooh, graduate school sounds tough! Thanks for the luck, and lots of luck to you on your grad school applications and job hunt in a new state!

  4. hooray for your about me page!! :)