Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Divulge your tips to fight stress, please.

I think this is the week I will stretch all my limbs in a yoga class and book a massage to get all of the knots out of Knotts Berry Farm (also known as my back). The spa keeps taunting me with half-off massage promotions on their Facebook page, and my back and wallet are happy to oblige.

I feel fine. But I'm applying for post-graduation jobs. And revising every last word on my résumé. And patiently waiting for call-backs. And crossing everything, even my eyes. (Which could explain the light headache that has taken residence above my right eye, no?)

You see, I'm getting so nostalgic and weepy. I'm really going to miss being college. And then I'll get an electrifying surge of excitement that - in less than two months - I'll be earning my bachelor's degree and starting a new chapter of my life. The whole time, though, there is stress creeping up my back and spreading into my head and it stresses me out more when I feel the stress coming.

So I guess, you guys, what I am saying is: this is one of the best feelings of my life. To feel scared and uncertain, but to be wildly happy at the same time.

I got the letter in the mail. The one that makes your heart tingle. "Congratulations! A review of your transcript and current semester enrollment indicates that you have fulfilled the degree requirements necessary to be eligible to graduate in December 2011." And I may or may not have held the letter to my chest and danced the first time I read it.

I am looking forward to bringing you all on the journey. The journey of rejections, successful interviews, the first call-back. The day I say yes, a million times yes, to a job. My first job out of college.

But first - do tell, readers. Tell me what you do to eliminate your stress, the evil thing that it is.

(Photo belongs to sister and her handy new iPhone + Instagram.)

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