Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's the ha-happiest season of all.

The past few days have consisted of the museum, church, board games, live music/Christmas show, laughing really hard, martinis, and eating too much (things like manicotti and mascarpone & ricotta gnocchi).

It doesn't feel like Christmas yet. I have been surrounded by family and our tall, fat fraser fir with the twinkly lights and ornaments with stories, but it hasn't clicked. Possibly because it was almost 60 degrees this weekend, and frankly, I would like a little snow. Or it could be that I haven't crossed one thing off my Christmas list for family + friends yet.

I wanted - needed, actually - to spend the day unpacking and going to the gym and relaxing at the bookstore, but instead I am going to grab a peppermint mocha and buy little presents for all of my loves.

(Graduation was fantastic, by the way. We - my now-former classmates and I - cried when we sang the alma mater at the end of the ceremony. Plus, there is nothing like being surrounded by family who is proud of you with every stitch of their beings. I am beyond blessed.)

(And thank you for being patient with me regarding my sporadic posting.)

I'm off into the land of Christmas chaos. I actually have a decent post coming up tomorrow. See you all then!

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