Friday, December 16, 2011

24 hours.

I haven't been blogging because the past couple of weeks have been full of writing papers, taking exams, going to job interviews, lots of shifts at the dessert shop (yesterday was my last day!), shopping for a graduation dress, sipping bubbly at the wine bar, packing, and soaking up this place I've called home the past four years. So I apologize for the silence, but I'll be back soon.

That is, after we're finished celebrating.

Today I am:

- getting one last coffee from the coffee shop I've grown to love in this tiny town.

- visiting the nail salon to have my nails painted bright pink.

- filling cardboard boxes with my belongings.

- picking up a few cases of Shiner Cheer.

- squeezing all the gazillion family members flying down & driving in.

- pinching myself that I will have a college degree in 24 hours.

Okay, seriously. I'm doing that smiling while tearing up thing again. It's become a regular emotion around here. Be back soon! xo

1 comment:

  1. haha, the smiling while tearing up is the BEST.