Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Adorning the window with ornaments.

This gorgeous ornament chandelier + 50% off Christmas crafts at Hobby Lobby = inspired to make festive ornaments.

My friend Brooke and I gathered sequins, glitter, pom poms, paint, beads, and holiday drinks from Starbucks and splayed out on the living room floor making ornaments one afternoon last week. This is the easiest craft in the world and it completely transforms a blah window treatment (or in my case, no window treatment at all) for the holidays. I strung the ornaments onto fishing wire and hung them haphazardly on the curtain rod of my bedroom window.

(I also dropped my favorite one - a sparkly, silver glitter ornament - and I cringe every time I find more glitter.) (It's in between pages of books and on my pillow case every night.)

Super fun & simple craft. Now if only I had a sewing machine and knew how to sew, I would make this beautiful paper circle garland. Because I'm not forking out $30 for it at Anthropologie. Or maybe I am, since I can't sew.

Credit to Melanie of You Are My Fave.

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