Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thankful for relaxation.

I hope you all had a blessed & thankful Thanksgiving. It is lovely to have a holiday focused on what we are thankful for.

And a holiday dedicated to stuffing our faces. Slightly joking.

I had five days off from school (including the actual weekend), and since it's my last official break as a student, I really soaked it up.

There was the traditional rosemary-stuffed turkey and pecan pie, the fat cat naps on the sofa, and lots of football watching.

But there was also:

- A trip to a new, brilliant museum
- Eating lots of no-bake cookies
- Watching Cedar Rapids (crappy) with my mom & step dad
- Watching Ghostworld (awesome) with my little sister & Mark
- Manicures with the girls (thanks, mama!)
- Several rounds of the board game "Smart Ass"...which, coincidentally, made me feel dumb
- Picking out a Christmas tree for our family; decorating the tree
- A sushi lunch

What did you do for Thanksgiving? Is anyone excited for Christmas? Sure hope so, because I have a lot of Christmas posts coming up this week!!

My laptop isn't exactly working, but I kind of miss blogging and wasting time on Pinterest, so I'm going to be posting anyway and keeping my fingers crossed that my computer doesn't totally zoink on me.

This week I've got a few small papers to write and, of course, jobs to search for. I have six official days of class left, not including final exams. So keep your fingers crossed that my laptop doesn't completely quit and that I finish strong in school.

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