Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The smell of a plump, pine-y fir.

Over the weekend my mom, step-dad, little sister, Mark and I piled into the truck and headed to the tree farm for a tall, fat Christmas tree. We found the perfect one almost immediately.

Sunday afternoon my mom and I decorated the tree. We listened to Christmas carols by Bing Crosby and She & Him. Each ornament had a story: a faded bell ornament from mom's childhood; a little gold-colored home from when mom & dad married; baby's first Christmas ornaments from when my sister and I were born. It made me giddy imagining decorating a Christmas tree with my own children one day and telling them stories of each shiny - or rusted - ornament.

The season of Christmas makes me dizzy with happiness. And there's nothing quite like spending a freezing-cold afternoon stringing the lights around the tree and decorating it with brightly colored ornaments full of character with a mama you love with all your heart.

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