Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Love is blind.

It makes me swoon when I open a text from Mark and it is a picture of a shirt + tie and he's asking, "Does this match?" Mark is very colorblind and I find his inquiries about matching outfits endearing.

Before we began dating, I caught him staring at me across the room (eek!) and later that night he told me I had beautiful blue eyes. Only I have light brown eyes. He admitted he was colorblind, but said my eyes were gorgeous all the same. Then, a few weeks later, I wore a bright yellow dress to his apartment. He told me, "You look pretty in that green dress, Mer." I didn't correct him. Yellow, green. What did it matter? He thought I looked nice.

Bonus story: I accidentally let him wear one brown sock and one navy sock to church once.

I confirmed that his shirt + tie match today. But now I'm wondering if his socks do.

(Picture source: unknown. I would love to give proper credit, so if you know who it belongs to, let me know.)

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  1. hey magnificent lou! i'm finishing up your layout--and was thinking: do you have facebook? it'd be so much easier to do the last bit here if i could "chat" with you. :) let me know!