Saturday, January 22, 2011


I adore owls and robots. My favorite animal is a giraffe, but owls are really damn cute. I wish my walls were covered in maps. To me, women can never own enough dish towels or umbrellas. My stomach has a dessert compartment. I don't like cats, but if I were going to own one, I'd name her Karen. I am looking forward to spring so I can: roller blade at the lake, bike to class, go to the farmer's market, and have outdoor-patio lunches. I am in love with dancing. Music moves me. I dream daily of owning a moped. I firmly believe Christmas lights should be hung year-round; or at least the little twinkly ones. I can easily get lost in books. I am chronically late; I was born 10 days late, which kind of set the tone for my life (and I kind of use that as an excuse). Spew-laughs and church-laughs are the best. I often call my mom and ask her questions I should probably know the answers to: can foil go inside the oven? I can be moody. One of my boyfriend's favorite things about me is my imagination.


  1. Karen would be an awesome name for a cat! When I was little - me & my sister would play house & my name was always Karen:)

  2. I'm totally with you on the Christmas lights!