Thursday, December 30, 2010


Here are highlights from 2010 -

In January, we took a family trip to Tennessee to eat greasy food and tour several college campuses (for sister H). Since starting school in Tennessee, sister H has discovered cupcake bakeries, coffee shops, and hidden restaurants that only locals know about - but when the whole family went to Tennessee in January, we ate at Miss Polly's on the very-touristy Beale Street in Memphis, TN.

In February, I ran in my first 10k race! It was a total rush.

In March, I began this blog and I went to Destin, Florida with friends during spring break!

April was a very slow month. Roommate J turned 21, though!

In May, I began my internship, watched my baby sister graduate high school, and planted my first garden.

In June, I saw my first roller derby bout, turned 21 and celebrated a lot! (Mom had a birthday, too!)

In July, my sister, mom, aunts and I took a girl's trip to Saugatuck, Michigan. We spent the week climbing sand dunes, hiking, riding mopeds, and going to wine tastings. (Mini picture recap here.) Later in July, boyfriend M and I celebrated his birthday birthday with strawberry cake, wine, a comedy club, and close friends. Toward the end of July, I went on my first float trip. Spending the day on the water with cold beer and funny people was a relaxing change of pace from working at my summer internship.

August was very busy! I finished my internship, ran a 5k, and bragged about my garden. I spent a weekend at the lake; a few days later, we moved my baby sister to college. The next week, I moved back to school and boyfriend M surprised me with flowers and a weekend stay. At the end of August, I got a fun part time job at a dessert shop and went on a little (okay, big) shopping spree.

In September, my apartment was infested with beetles, I saw a concert, and went to several football games.

In October, boyfriend M and I celebrated our three year anniversary, and I wrote a sappy love letter. To celebrate, we went on a mini road trip and tasted eight different flavors of soda at a cute little soda shop. That evening we went out for champagne.

In November, I chickened out of a half-marathon and celebrated a lovely Thanksgiving.

And now, it's December. I have looked at engagement rings with boyfriend M (!!), wrote my 100th blog post, cheered boyfriend M on as he graduated (and I revealed his big graduation gift - a trip to Denver!), and I came home to celebrate Christmas, which I was able to photograph with my new camera.

Other things I did in 2010: cooked a Valentine's Day dinner for boyfriend M, explored caves with boyfriend M, spent a weekend with my grandma (and read romantic love letters between her and my late grandpa!), taught myself the alphabet in sign language, failed a mechanical class (wah), celebrated many fabulous birthdays, sang "Don't Stop Believin'" karaoke-style in a crowded bar, went ice-skating, thanked God for everything in my life, and I had a million other little journeys and adventures.

Looking back, this has been an incredible year. Probably one of the hardest years so far - despite all the fun I've had! - but the things I experienced this year made me appreciate the hell out of everything I have and everyone I love.

I hope you all had a grand 2010. Stay tuned for my New Year's Resolutions for 2011!

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