Monday, December 6, 2010

The ol' weekend recap.

Whew. I didn't have a chance to blog on Friday to reveal the big gift I gave boyfriend M. I'm sorry, my thousands of readers! So what was it, you ask?

I surprised him with a trip to Denver, Colorado!! We love the Denver Broncos - even though they really stink this season. We're going to see a game and enjoy the cool mountain air for a few days. (I'll soon be bugging those who reside in Denver/Denver-lovers for restaurant and to-do/to-see suggestions.)

I had a wonderful weekend. The ol' weekend recap will do, right?

Friday: Bagel sandwiches with roommate J at our favorite bagel shop. Shopping with roommate J. Boyfriend M arrives! Birthday dinner for our friend JLH Friday evening: margaritas, salsa, and queso with JLH, our friend ML, roommates J, B, and H, boyfriend M. Bars with aforementioned friends. I sang karaoke with two strangers. (Uh, what?) Ended the evening by fulfilling my dream of singing Journey's Don't Stop Believin' karaoke-style in a very crowded bar with all my college friends.

Saturday: Shift at work. Boyfriend M brought me a cold Diet Coke. And then later brought me lunch. (I wish he lived in the city I do so I could always get lunch at work!) Post-work I laid around with the Friday evening clan. Went out for pizza. Went to an arts festival downtown to see a band and hear a comedian. But when we arrived - around 10pm - it was almost over. Lame. Grabbed hot chocolate instead and sat around patio heaters outside a pub.

Sunday: Big breakfast with boyfriend M. Made white chocolate and milk chocolate covered pretzels with holiday sprinkles. Watched "Home Alone" and munched on pretzels. Ordered Chinese take-out. Complained about feeling too full. Watch "A Christmas Carol" while sipping roasted pecan hot chocolate with marshmallows and cloves. Fell asleep with M dreaming about our future little dream-bungalow.

I'm still camera-less (and hopelessly in love with this camera), but I did manage to snap a cell phone picture of the Christmas treats I made:

I hope you all had a great weekend. I am still stuffed from all the junk I had this weekend. I feel like after I gorge at Thanksgiving, my belly wants to continue eating mounds of crap. I will definitely be detoxing and exercising this week!

Happy Monday!

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