Thursday, December 2, 2010

Super stellar present for my guy.

I am very giddy. I have little butterflies dancing in my belly. I may or may not occasionally squeal really loud when I think about what I am doing this afternoon.

I am giving my boyfriend of three years his graduation present. Boyfriend M is an education major with an emphasis in history. He wants to teach middle school - geography or our state's history. Since August, boyfriend M has been doing an internship. His internship has included designing lesson plans, creating projects, and learning to discipline his students. This morning he participated in his final observation; he finishes his internship tomorrow and graduates in mid-December. He is coming this evening to go to his last class as an undergraduate. Before his class, though, I am giving him the gift I have been planning for months.

A few weeks ago I told M that I have a graduation gift waiting for him - you know, to keep him motivated to finish strong. He has been guessing things in anticipation since then.

He has guessed: a leather jacket, a flat screen TV, a jukebox, a coconut, a sword, a briefcase, a lifetime supply of eggnog, and several other obscure and hilarious things.

I have never done anything like this for...anyone. M is so special to me and I know he will be a brilliant teacher that ignites the minds of his students for as long as he teaches.

I am so excited to give him this gift! I won't say what it is just yet in case a certain someone is peeking around my blog trying to figure it out.

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