Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas lust list.

Eartha Kitt once sultrily sang about her extravagant Christmas wish list - a light blue '54 convertible and a deed to a platinum mine - and now I am here to somewhat unabashedly write about my "Santa Baby"-esque list of Christmas desires. I won't sing. I sound like a yodeling 12-year-old boy in my natural singing voice. So here's my Christmas list. In all it's "gimme", Grinch glory.

Santa cutie, this year I am pining for:

These adorable socks from Anthropologie.

This stunning wintery felt hat from Anthropologie.

A pair of brown teardrop oxfords from Urban Outfitters.

This fun scratch-off world map from Urban Outfitters.

The Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume.

A cozy Patagonia fleece pullover in "castlerock".

A little moped in seafoam green or lilac purple. It's on my Never Going to Happen birthday and Christmas wish list.

Oh, and then there's the beautiful S95 that I am gifting to myself.

This year, instead of telling family and friends "I don't know" when asked what I'd like for Christmas, I'll say: "Anything. I know exactly what I want. Please refer to my blog or the plethora of e-mails in your inbox with the subject title: "Buy This Gift to Ensure Our Friendship/Love for 2011".

And here is the proverbial sentence about how gifts don't really matter. And they don't. But it's tasteless to write about the things we all do at Christmastime - whether it's baking cookies for those living in assisted living, giving gifts to underprivileged children, or volunteering at a soup kitchen - so I instead chose to write about beautiful things that would make me very happy to have. For the record, though - to me - Christmas is not about the tangible things. It's about the birth of Jesus and what we do and say to show His love to others through ourselves. Christmas is about love. Didn't mean to go all Scrooge on you guys!

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  1. oxfords are on my list EVERY year. and on my birthday list too :) jut love them to death