Monday, November 15, 2010

Saying hello and goodnight.

Hi! Now that it's almost 11pm I have a chance to post. Today went a little something like: torrential downpour + financial analysis exam + work + sushi dinner with roommates + gym + Skype date with M.

Trusting you all had a pleasant weekend. My weekend was pretty good. The parts I loved were: a delicious Italian dinner with M (in a booth side-by-side; yes, we're the obnoxious couple), a drink at the wine bar with roommate H and friend N, lots of donuts with M at a donut store that makes their goodies from potatoes, and watching a very victorious football game. Parts I did not love were: the play I was going to see was sold out and a freak-out that was the result of losing my debit card. (Other parts I loved, obviously: finding my debit my make-up bag...don't ask.)

Even though I have some time to kick back on the weekends, I'm really looking forward to a couple breaks. I am so excited to go home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. When I go home for Thanksgiving, I will be seeing my sister for the first time since August! We have never gone longer than a couple weeks without seeing each other. She's in college now and her school is a million miles from mine. I really can't wait to squeeze you, H! I'm also looking forward to the big Thanksgiving meal my mom cooks (mouth is officially watering), eating my grandma's chocolate pie, decorating the Christmas tree, and taking fat cap naps. I'm also going to try to convince sister H to wake up early for Black Friday. We've never gone before. We considered it last year, but sleeping in won. I don't actually want to go to shop - I want to go to people watch. Aside from the airport and coffee shops, I think Black Friday people watching will be some of the best kind. Only a few more exams, quizzes, and projects until I'm homeward bound!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, what do you and your family/friends/significant other do for this toasty holiday? Any special traditions? Any crazy recipes?

Time to sleep. Goodnight, blogland!

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