Monday, October 18, 2010

Update schmupdate.

This weekend was super low-key. My friends and class friends went home or vacationed for fall break, and since I was scheduled to work, I was stuck here. I spent the weekend being lazy; pajamas, comfort food, and movies. Saturday evening I watched two movies - "Valentine's Day" and the documentary "Babies".

"Valentine's Day" was what I wanted it to be: a fluffy feel-good. (However, I wasn't expecting Anne Hathaway, and as usual, she had me writhing in my chair. Cannot handle her, but that's another post for another day.)

"Babies" was intriguing. There wasn't any narration. On one hand, the voiceless documentary allowed me to appreciate the simplicity of a baby. On the other hand, though, it made the almost hour-and-a-half documentary feel like (as movie-reviewers have said) a glorified home-video. It was interesting to see how differently the mothers cared for their babies; it's apparent that a mother's love is universal.

I spent Sunday catching up on my massive to-do list.

While I was watching movies and tackling my chores, my mom and sister saw Matt and Kim in concert (my mom text me after midnight and said she was in a mosh, shopped at World Market, and had sleepovers in my sister's dorm room! Wish I could have been there.

Even though I don't mind Mondays, today was pretty blah and I'm glad it is finished.

PS: I passed my accounting class! Slowly inching toward graduating (which makes me want to dance and ralph at the same time).

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