Sunday, October 17, 2010

I'm procrastinating.

On the contrary, the worst thing about a birthday is leftover cake.

After nibbling on cake all weekend, I wanted something salty. Or anything, really, that didn't make me think my teeth would soon be rotting out of my head. So this morning I walked over to my favorite coffee shop craving a savory quiche. No quiche. There were, however, cinnamon chip scones, double-chocolate muffins, a large assortment of cookies, and gooey cinnamon rolls. I settled for a cinnamon chip scone...and I've barely taken two bites of it. I have to have fresh salsa - or something! - for dinner. Something salty or spicy.

But between now and dinner, I have a lot to get done:

Clean my bedroom (seriously - huge project), clean our living room/kitchen (it's my turn!), clean our bathroom (it's my turn!), clean out my car, study for a mechanical test, return some DVDs to Redbox, and run to the grocery store for shampoo, etc.

First, though, I'm going to get cozy in this fat, over sized chair, read the New York Times, laugh at the funnies in the local paper, catch up on blogs, people watch, and enjoy my non-sugary coffee.

Have a comfy Sunday.

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