Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hi, hello, and...goodbye (just for a little while)!

M is here (!!). I've been squealing since he arrived last night. We're sitting in my favorite coffee shop, side-by-side (we're that couple), clad in old t-shirts, being obnoxious with our hand holding and nuzzling. (See? Totally that couple.)

For breakfast:
Him: Iced vanilla latte and bacon cheddar quiche
Her: Iced mocha and bacon cheddar quiche

What we're doing:
Him: and ESPN Fantasy Football. What else?
Her: Blogs. What else?

I know I've been absent this week (I'm so sorry, my hundreds of readers), and I won't be back again until Monday when M leaves.

We'll be spending our time together snuggling, seeing movies, cooking dinner, having cold beers, going to the Homecoming parade, and watching the Homecoming game.

Hope you all have a blissful weekend!

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