Monday, October 4, 2010

How I spent my weekend.

It was almost impossible to crawl out of bed this morning. Not for any particular reason. Other than it was 39 degrees outside...and it's only the 4th of October.

Saturday I watched the Red River Shootout (OU v. Texas) with my dad, had two bowls of my mom's warm, cheesy potato soup, and went and saw "Easy A" with my mom. There were some brilliant one-liners in that movie.

Sunday morning my mom and I went to the
coffee shop and spent hours drinking coffee, talking, and people watching. It was the perfect Sunday morning. (Mom, I had a great low-key weekend with you!)

I spent Sunday afternoon watching the Denver Broncos/Tennessee Titans game with boyfriend M and our friend JW. (Good job, Broncos!) After the game M and I went to the fair and pigged out. I wish that sentence did not end that way, but seriously - that's all we did. We rode one ride. We occasionally looked up from our feast of fat to people watch, though honestly we were more interested in the food. I had roasted corn with sea salt and "fried cheese on a stick" (!!); M had a "Texas sized" corn dog and an Italian sausage with sauteed onions and peppers. And then...together...we had fried Oreos and fresh lemonade. We were feeling sluggish and disgusted with ourselves until we saw signs for fried chocolate-covered bacon and donut burgers. I felt like I was contracting diabetes just from reading the signs. Even though our bellies were extremely full, we had made plans to have dinner with our good friends, DP, AP, and DP's parents. So we left the fair and went to DP's parents' house. We sat on their patio huddled around their fire pit, catching up on what we have all been up to. (We hadn't seen them in over a month!) Eventually we ate some of the chili that DP's mom made, which was delicious, but I thought I was going to explode. It was a really enjoyable Sunday with my boyfriend and our friends.

Another busy week has arrived. I'm counting down to the weekend already.

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