Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekend bliss.

What a toasty weekend. As I mentioned Friday, M came up for a couple days. We were going to tour a local vineyard and see "Going the Distance", but as we were kicking back Friday evening with pizza and beers, we decided we'd rather spend the weekend snuggled up doing absolutely nothing. He works 40 hours a week (for free!) (remind you of my summer job?) and spends most of his weekends creating lesson plans; I spend most of my weekends staying out late, drinking mixed drinks and dancing. So we decided it was the perfect weekend to stay in (and sleep in).

Saturday morning we had donuts for breakfast, and then we took a spontaneous drive around town. We rolled the windows down and drove by several places where we have made millions of memories over the past few years. It was really sweet; I loved hearing M's thoughts of our first year together as we drove by the apartment he lived in when we met. Saturday afternoon we watched the Alabama (1) vs. Arkansas (10) game, which was really intense. The Hogs put up a good fight! After the game M took me out to eat. We ordered fishbowl margaritas and spicy burgers. Unfortunately, we were that goofy couple that sits side-by-side in the booth. (Personally I don't mind when couples sit like that, but lots of people find it awkward/unapproachable.) When our bellies were full we returned to the apartment, put on flannel pajamas, and watched "Dumb & Dumber" (our favorite movie).

It was chilly all weekend. Lovely for a cozy weekend in.

A small reminder: I use my blog as a journal, too, so if my weekend recap bores you - I'm sorry! - I just want to remember my blissful weekends with M. Image found here.

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