Friday, September 24, 2010

Weekends, I adore you.

Greetings, loves. The weekend is here!

I have been celebrating the weekend since yesterday afternoon. I drove down to where boyfriend M lives to see him before I joined my family for a concert. M and I went to this cute little coffee bar and split a s'mores crepe for an afternoon snack. After filling our bellies with the gooey dessert we wandered around downtown. My family arrived soon after, so we met them at a local Mexican restaurant and enjoyed queso, margaritas, and blissful conversation. Poor M had class, so he couldn't attend the concert. After dinner my family and I walked down to the convention center and rocked out. The concert was a blast!

Today I spent the day doing things I love. I woke up early and had breakfast with my family before they drove home. Then I went downtown to the court house and sat in on a case involving a DUI. (Since the court is a public forum, anyone can go. Review the docket and check with an official to see if you can sit in; more often than not you are able to.) The case was intense and I had butterflies from the excitement! When the judge rescheduled the defendant's arraignment, I slipped out of the courtroom and met up with JLH (my friend who graduated last semester and now has a big girl job). We walked a few blocks to a sandwich shop and had a great time people watching and chatting. JLH had to go back to work, so I went to my favorite shopping area. J (my roommate) and I went to Anthropologie and I accidentally fell in love (again) and I accidentally squealed too loudly and I accidentally spent $50 (which, as most of you know, is not hard to do at Anthro!). We went to Williams-Sonoma and GAP, too, and dreamed of the day when we weren't broke college students and could afford goodies from each store. J and I departed and I made my way to an art museum. I sat in a room that had the view of a huge garden and fountain; it was very peaceful. I am happy I was able to spend a day doing some of my favorite things; I think I am going to turn Fridays into "Mydays".

I am back in my college town now curled up with boyfriend M. He drove up to spend the weekend with me. Right now we're having pizza and Sam Adam's Octoberfest. Our plans for the weekend are to relax. We will probably watch football, drink wine, and snuggle.

Hope you have a fantastic first-weekend-of-fall!

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