Thursday, September 16, 2010

(Hi)lights from my week!

This morning before class I had to have a coffee + cinnamon scone. Fifteen minutes later, after drinking two sips and eating half of the scone, we (B and I) were getting out of the car and...I drop my coffee. All over the pavement. Goodbye, $4. Roommate B and I paused, mourned, and then continued to class. And as we were walking to class, guess what slipped out of the wax paper? If you said a cinnamon scone, you are good at predicting things (and you should go watch every Anne Hathaway movie so you can predict your socks off). Anyway. Goodbye, $2. And then, after lunch, I was digging around in my backpack trying to find my school ID. I said, "If I were a school ID, where would I be?" I checked all of those places; it's nowhere to be found. I'll have to get a new one before the game on Saturday, so goodbye, $20. I was planning on going on a little shopping spree this afternoon, but since I've already thrown away $26, it won't be much of a spree. However, I think I can still afford flowers wrapped in newspaper and maybe a little trinket from my new favorite boutique.

Boyfriend M will be in here in a couple of hours(!!). Yahoo! As I mentioned yesterday, I'm going to be making dinner. I think I am going to be making a pasta dish out of a recipe in The Cheese Bible, a book ADP (high school best friend) got me for my birthday. (I'll have to let you know how it tastes, A!) And yes, I said I "think" I will be making a pasta dish three hours before dinner is served. You (I) just never know what you'll (I'll) find at the market.

A few highlights from my week: Trying pretzel M&M's (I thought they were a myth; I'd seen the commercials, but had never seen the actual candy) because a friend of a friend works in a gas station and he reserved a few bags for us. Volunteering for the CVB and making a friend in the process (she's Finnish - and has swam in the Baltic Sea! - and is spending a year at our university). Listening to my favorite, quirky professor tell stories about having wine on a farm in Normandy. And finally opening my ASL book and teaching myself how to sign. Learning to sign was a summer goal, though I had such a busy summer I never had a chance to! (Terribly lame excuse, I know.) This week I opened the ASL book I bought at Barnes & Noble in June and taught myself the ASL alphabet and a couple of common phrases. It has been a beautiful week!

Yes, in the post title I was saying "hi" and "highlights from my week" corny.

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