Friday, September 17, 2010

Have a super fab weekend!

Hi, loves!

Yesterday afternoon I went to the super market and bought ingredients to make dinner for boyfriend M. I couldn't settle on one recipe, so I combined and adapted a couple from The Cheese Bible and made a very cheesy pasta. Here's what I made:

Alfredo pasta with garlic, cayenne and caraway seeds; French baguette with fresh mozzarella and basil; heart-shaped crackers with (Michigan) jalapeno pepper jelly (just for fun).

Pasta- Boil water; add Alberto's extra wide egg noodles; cook 15 minutes. While the noodles cooked, I added salt, EVOO, and a dash of garlic. When the noodles were ready, I put the stove on low and added Buitoni's all-natural alfredo sauce, a pinch of cayenne, and caraway seeds. And for good measure, I melted a big hunk of fresh moz. Why not? Bread - Slice baguette; spread thin layer of butter onto bread and add thick slice of mozzarella; toast in oven on 200 for 5 minutes; add basil.

According to boyfriend M, it was a huge hit! I'm eating the leftovers now, and I've to admit,'s pretty good. :)

After dinner, J, H, and I went to Old Navy to see if there were any good deals. I found a pair of mustard-colored cords for $30 and a gotta-have-it sparkly piece of costume jewelry ($12.50). But as we were checking out, I realized I didn't want to spend $45 at Old Navy on two items. (I mean, hello, you can get 5-6 pieces at Forever 21 for that price.) As I was putting the ring back, the cashier signaled me back to her register. She rang up the ring as $0.47. And the cords ended up being on sale for $20. I "saved" almost $25! (And earlier in the afternoon I went to Hobby Lobby and bought frames for some posters and prints and ended up saving $25!)

Then late last night we all went to one of our favorite bars and danced. I am feelin' it today (dancing in 4 inch pumps all night - yikes!), but getting lost in the music with friends feels so good.

I am excited for a couple of days of weekend fun! Tonight J, H, KO and I are going to the opening of a spa (ooh, giveaways, cupcakes, wine - oh my!) and out for Mexican food. Tomorrow we'll do a little pre-game tailgating with beers and homemade potato skins, and then we'll go and watch a great game of football! Sunday I'll be holed up in the coffee shop studying for next week's exams.

PS: Wish I could post pictures of all the fun! Unfortunately my camera took a little swim in the river this summer during a float trip and, while it worked for a couple more months, it has finally crapped out on me. Wah.

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