Sunday, September 19, 2010

Quick hello.

A delicious weekend. Spa grand opening (miniature cupcakes + free giveaways), Mexican food, drinks on the patio, local diner: greasy food, loud patrons, quick waitresses, bubbly laughter. Warm sleep. Home football game: cheering at the top of our lungs (we won). Unabashed dancing, frozen Jack and Cokes, more bubbly laughter. More warm sleep. Toe nail painting: just regular ol' pink. Good conversation with mom on the phone. Spaghetti dinner for six cooked by H.

And now studying. I am so terrible at studying. Studying (is starting to sound funny...) does not involve laughter or dancing. Perhaps the effects of studying (a good grade on a test) could evoke laughter and dancing, but not yet.

After going the whole weekend without my camera, I decided two things:

1. Time to start saving for a digital camera.
2. I am going to buy a disposable camera. How hilarious could those pictures potentially be? And how refreshing it will feel to not have everyone flock to the screen of the camera to see if the moment captured was good enough. Were my eyes closed? Did my hair look okay? Yes, a disposable camera sounds like a brilliant alternative until I can afford a new digital camera.

For now, though, I must prepare for my exams. Red Bull + read + remember.

(Post script: updating while practicing journals and general ledgers for accounting guarantees a haphazard post.)

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  1. Good luck with your studying! I'm swamped in it as well. Sounds like you had a perfect weekend :)