Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The small things.

Today was one of those easy-going, effortless days. Woke up having a good hair day. Got in the car with my sister, grabbed cups of our favorite coffee to-go, and drove to our grandma's house. We spent the day with grandma getting manicures, going to lunch, and sitting around her bright kitchen area talking about the love between her and our grandpa.
We sat in here for hours asking grandma about the letters they wrote to each other while Papa was in the war, stories of how he courted her, the story of how they eloped, etc. And then, grandma shyly told us that she had saved some of the letters, and that we could read them if we wanted to. They were so romantic; letters from a strikingly handsome man in Pisa, Italy talking about the life they would have when he returned from the war. I wanted to faint I was so smitten! As my grandma read the letters to us, tears welled in my eyes. They had such a lovely marriage and were in love until the day he died. It was obvious that grandma still loves him madly, and she really enjoyed getting the letters out and reminiscing.

We came home and mom had made pancakes for dinner!
Over dinner mom gave me a package from my aunt. She sent me a box of energy bars that I ate compulsively while we all vacationed in Michigan. I loved to eat them with berries and coffee at breakfast and as a snack after a hike on the dunes. I found it really sweet, especially the note attached: "Hope these make you feel like you're back at the cottage."

My day of perfect small things filled me with pure joy.

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