Monday, August 16, 2010

A little weekend love.

Right after posting about the small things in life that make me happy, a not-so-small thing happened that made me very mad: a cop pulled me over as I was on my way to roommate J's house in her hometown. When he walked up he asked me the proverbial, "Do you know why I pulled over?" and I said, "I literally have no idea." (Sidenote: I am notorious for speeding tickets and have gone 15 months without one, which means my car insurance just went down.) Turns out I turned left in a no left-turn zone. I have never heard of no left-turn zones, which I explained to him, adding that I was from out of town. Oh, you're from out of town, you say? Welcome - here's a $150 ticket. One hundred and fifty freaking dollars. I wanted to plead with him, tell him I worked as an unpaid intern all summer, but I conceded, as tears welled in my eyes and I signed the citation. I didn't want it to dampen my visit though, so I pushed it out of my mind and crammed the ticket into the bottom of my purse - out of sight, out of mind - and had a lot of fun!

That afternoon (Thursday), J and I swam in her backyard, went out to eat with our friends KO and JLH, and watched "Jersey Shore". And somewhere between dinner and indulging in trashy TV, my friends accompanied me to get a piercing at the top of my ear. After he pushed the needle through (ouch!) and slid the earring in, I asked, "Have you done it yet?" When I feel nervous, scared, or upset, I always make jokes (ex-boyfriends have complained that I'm not serious enough), but that is how I handle those emotions. (Perhaps I should have made some jokes with the unmerciful cop?) Great night with my best friends - can't wait for more!

Friday through Sunday my family and our friends rented a cabin on a golf course and hung out at the lake. All day Saturday we swam, jumped off bluffs (I didn't because I couldn't get lake water on my piercing), drank beers, and anchored the boat so we could hike.

So relaxing: a Corona in my hand and the sun on my shoulders.

Saturday evening boyfriend M and I took a walk and then joined my family for brats and fireworks. Sunday morning we all played a round of golf and went into town to eat onion straws. When we got home Sunday night boyfriend M and I got ice cream, snuggled up, and watched pre-season football. (We love the Denver Broncos!)

I hope everyone had a nice weekend as well.


  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend indeed, love.

  2. Love Corona, it's like the only beer I ever drink :)

  3. ooh i LOVE corona - my fave summer beer!