Saturday, August 7, 2010

A very satisfying Saturday!

This morning my little sister and I ran in a 5k race. It was exhilarating and now I am (happily) exhausted. Earlier this year, in February, one of my best friends and I ran a 10k, so I figured Oh, the 5k will be no sweat. Wrong: lots of sweat, lots of hills, and two very tired legs. I'm really glad I did it, though, and I am looking forward to the 15k I'm running in October and the half marathon (!!) I'm running in November. But I digress - running those two races will take a bunch of training.

I finished my internship yesterday afternoon, so for the rest of the summer my plans are: swimming, reading, painting, and havin' a few beers.

(The picture is from the garden I grew this summer; the sunflowers make my heart swell.)

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  1. i'll be doing my second half marathon in the fall and i'm hoping the adrenaline will carry me through it like it did my first one. the training is tough but so worth it...good luck!!!