Thursday, August 5, 2010

(Almost) free!

Tomorrow at 5pm, I will be a free woman.

This summer I spent almost 12 weeks working at a convention center for 35-40 hours a week - unpaid - and the sides of my mouth ache from grinning that it's almost over.

What I will not miss:
The 90+ minute round trip commute
Waking up before 7am
The extreme lack of communication

What I will miss:
The fun girls in the office that gave me good advice and let me in on their gossip pow-wows

So tonight - to celebrate - my mom and I went out for margaritas and manicures. I got my toenails painted a color called "Brand New Skates" by OPI. Just a sidenote: the names of the shades make my heart swell. I think "Bastille My Heart", "Ski Teal We Drop", "Blue My Mind", "Over the Taupe", and "Otherwise Engaged" are charming.

Below is the color I chose, and not seconds after the manicurist began massaging my feet I was lightly dosing.
Tomorrow I will begin the day feeling energized from this evening's run, I will buy myself a cup of my favorite coffee, I will not curse at the morning traffic, and I will endearingly tell my co-workers, "Adios, ciao, hasta la vista!" And I will leave - maybe I will shead a tiny tear - and I will promise myself to never stay at a job if I don't love it.

It may sound naive, but there are too many unhappy people where I interned, and I will not let that happen to me. Most of them had or have dreams - so leave, go chase your dreams.

I am.

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