Thursday, June 3, 2010

Between work and sleep...

This is one hell of a summer so far. When I am working I want to be sleeping and when I am sleeping I want to be playing. I have done a little bit of playing (see below), but I hope that as I get used to my schedule for the summer (waking up at 6:40am - aka, four hours too early) I will have more energy to do fun things post-work. I am definitely enjoying my internship - I just wish there was as much play time as work time! (Don't we all?)

Set-up for little sister's high school graduation party

Flower arrangement at little sis H's graduation party

When my aunt and cousin visited, my whole family picked me up from work and took me out to lunch - this was heavenly (and way too much food!).

Iced mocha in a glass at a coffee shop I visited over Memorial Day weekend (PS: Isn't cold coffee so much better in a tall glass? Love when the barista does that.)

Inside said coffee shop. Please note the leopard print high heel chair. Love it.

Boyfriend M and I went to a cookout at roommate J's mom's house over Memorial Day weekend. This is their adorable backyard where we enjoyed burgers, peanut butter brownies, and watched friends play beer pong on a patio table.

Already time for bed (actually, about 45 minutes past my bedtime). Thank Goodness* It's (Almost) Friday!

*I didn't know the 'G' stood for God until I was 17 and had been saying 'Goodness' forever. I guess it doesn't matter either way; the weekend is Goodness, so why not thank it?

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