Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The weekend.

A flower I saw in the Square over the weekend.

Early Friday evening my little sister and I went out for pizza and then we wandered to an art gallery down the alley. Next thing I know my sister is taking me onto the roof of the seven story art building...The view was incredible, but I don't want to know why my sister knows how to take the elevator to the third floor, take the stairs until the seventh, and wait approximately two minutes before climbing onto the roof. Later Friday night my friend MA and I went out for froyo and then we picked up a 6-pack of Blue Moon's summer beer - a unique orange/honey flavor - and took it out to the pool in her backyard.

Saturday I went to the Farmer's Market and the library in the morning with my mom (we walked from the market to the library and I enjoyed hearing her tell stories about what happened in certain places along the way), and I spent the afternoon seeing "Get Him to the Greek" with my family and eating at a burger joint across the street afterward. (We actually went for the fried pickles, though!) Saturday night little sister H and I tie-dyed t-shirts, which turned out super cute.

Sunday morning I went to a church I had never been to before with my mom and little sister. It was very contemporary and casual. I loved the music and think I'll go back next week. For lunch mom and I sat on the patio at a local sushi restaurant and had our favorite rolls. We talked about birthday plans throughout the entire lunch, which made me very excited! Late Sunday afternoon little sister H and I took a 15 mile bike ride. We got off the trail for frozen yogurt (can't have enough in one weekend!) and then did a little exploring downtown on our bikes. H got a gorgeous new bike with high school graduation money, so she is lovin' to cruise around. And I don't blame her - bikes rule.

After all of the pizza, fried pickles, sushi, and frozen yogurt, I remembered the competition I am in with roommate J and decided to get back into gear. Getting back into gear includes: packing a fresh fruit salad for breakfast (pineapple, grape, blueberries from the market, and cantaloupe), doing crunches before bed, charging my iPod so I can run tomorrow, and packing my tennis shoes so I have to run tomorrow. We'll see how this new boost to compete unfolds...

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