Monday, April 12, 2010

My weekend: in lots of words.

I am happily exhausted from the weekend.

Saturday morning I asked boyfriend M to go to the local Farmer's Market with me. He promptly informed me that me asking him to go was like "asking him to go to the Opera" and that there would only be "like, one dead flower". After a little bit of pouting, he agreed to go. (If the roommates hadn't been so hungover from roommate J's first trip to the bar, I would have asked them instead! Sheesh.) We arrive at the market (it isn't as festive as the one I frequent in my hometown) and begin visiting different tents. Boyfriend M sees a tent with local meats so we begin talking with the farmer and learn that it was born/properly fed/raised 20 miles down the road. $10 for more than a pound - we're in. Who's lovin' the market now?! Market - 1. Boyfriend M - 0. On our way back to the car I see a man selling freesias and stop to buy a small bouquet. (And probably much to boyfriend M's surprise there were more than one and they weren't dead.)

We then went back to my apartment and played basketball. Boyfriend M beat me in both games, but not as badly in the second game. Later that afternoon roommate J and I went to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and had caramel apples. We sat on the patio and did lots of people watching while eating our messy apples. At 5 we headed over to the arena to watch neighbor J perform in the benefit musical. Roommate J, neighbor JB (neighbor J's twin brother) and I laughed throughout the entire event.

Neighbor J and his fraternity and sister sorority performing

The event was over around 8:30 and we were hungry so we all went out for pita sandwiches. Neighbor JB asked us to go party with him at "The Loft" but we declined - me because I am lame sometimes and roomie J because she had been drinking for the past 3 nights. (I can't wait 'til I am 21 and can go to the bars; I'm so over house parties, for some reason.) Instead I went to boyfriend M's apartment and we watched "Food, Inc."; a very disturbing Academy Award Nominee for Best Documentary Feature. I loved it, but I might not ever eat packaged meat from a grocery store again. (Much less burgers from McDonald's, etc.) It really opened my eyes to obesity and genetically engineered food - ew. I want to start making more conscious decisions about what I put in my mouth. (Okay, immature people, I laughed too.)

Sunday boyfriend M and I were supposed to go visit the parks and the pretty blooms covering the parks, but I felt sick and boyfriend M had too much homework. Instead I went to the pool with roommate J. For dinner boyfriend M cooked the steaks we bought with corn and potatoes. It was delicious. We hardly used any seasoning; just salt, pepper, and a little butter, but it was fabulous. Then, since the roommates and I came up with a system to make sure everyone does their share of apartment cleaning, I took my turn. We decided one roommate will do all the cleaning one weekend and we'll rotate every weekend. That way we all pitch in and each person only has to clean once a month. So I spent two hours sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, wiping down all surfaces/counters, taking out the trash, and cleaning the toilet/shower. It was tiring but rewarding...and I'm happy I don't have to do it again until May! I finished the weekend with brownies that boyfriend M made, which was a pretty sweet way to end my fun and relaxing weekend.

I hope you all had a great weekend. It's Monday again, but don't worry - the next weekend is only four days away.

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  1. I want a caramel apple- I still love Boyfriend M's reaction too. He's a riot. And a leprechaun, wit' me pot o' gold!
    hahahaha.... *cough*
    Don't miss you!
    Cause you're right here.
    Granita's might make me internally hyper/spaztastic.
    Maybe it's the espresso.
    Or the being tired?