Friday, April 9, 2010


On Wednesday roommate J turned 21; we were going to lay out by the pool eating snow cones but it was 49 degrees and windy! We (roommate J, me, and our friend KO, who came to surprise J) still went for snow cones and then came home and got ready for the evening. J's dinner was at our favorite local Mexican restaurant with our usual crew + a couple fun randoms. The 21's got a few pitchers of margaritas on the rocks and we all got several bowls of salsa/queso/chips. (Sidenote: I could survive on salsa/queso/chips.) After dinner we went back to the apartment and had cake - homemade red velvet with cream cheese frosting, mmm - and opened gifts. Roommate B, roommate H and I got roomie J two pairs of shoes; a pair of strappy khaki colored wedges and a pair of pink peep-toed pumps. Different people from our complex came and hung out throughout the night and at some point I arranged some lap dances for roommate J. Too funny. Friends left around 1:30, yet I didn't get to bed until a little after 3am because I had to stay up and pack my bedroom (as Thursday was the day for the new carpet installation).

Cake, birthday gifts, birthday flowers in a souvenir mason jar, balloons

On Thursday I woke up and went through the motions of class for 5 hours. (In my Marketing class my professor set a case article on top of my head, because I was laying on the desk conked out. I don't do well with only 4 hours of sleep.) After class I ran home and washed my uniform, tried not to step on the toes of the carpet installers, and rushed off to Chef Event.

The chef for Chef Event is from Switzerland. He was kind, but really feisty in the kitchen. He prepared hors d'oeuvres, which the guests enjoyed in the foyer with crisp white wines selected by one of my classmates. At 6:30 sharp I walked throughout the foyers hitting a chime with a mallet - the customary dinner bell and one of the most coveted "jobs" at Chef Event between my classmates. So after the bell, dinner was served. First we (my classmates and I) served Spring Beatroot Soup. It was bright red and delicious (we snuck bites after the guests were served). For the second course, chef prepared and we served Veal Paupiettes with Morel Mushroom Glace de Viande, served with Polents Croquettes and Spring Vegetables. My mouth was watering and several of us were getting tired and/or drunk. (I wasn't, but some of the student wine servers - 21 and older - were.) Once the second course plates were cleared, we served Swiss Fleur au Chocolat, which was served with raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, a gooseberry, and a raspberry coulis. Another successful Chef Event. Garth Brooks wasn't at the event like he was in November (when I met him!), but I went home with 15 Swiss chocolates that chef brought us, which is almost as good.

Swiss Fleur au Chocolat

Today (Friday) I went out for bagel sandwiches, lounged in the sun for a few hours with roommie J and roomie B and our friend KO, and went on a spur-of-the-moment trip to our neighbor JB's hometown, where he gave us a tour and took us to his favorite local restaurant. I tried tabouleh/tabouli at the restaurant and loved it. I finished the evening with a 32oz of Diet Coke, my sweet boyfriend, and old episodes of Arrested Development.

See you all on Monday! Make the most of the weekend.

PS: The new carpet at our apartment looks fabulous!

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