Monday, April 19, 2010

Rainy weekend recap.

First off - sorry for neglecting you, my dozens of faithful readers. (Did I really not write for a week?!) But what a fabulous weekend. Boyfriend M and I went to visit our friends DP and AP.

Friday evening boyfriend M, DP, AP and I went out to eat at a Japanese restaurant. I tried a couple new things at dinner. For an appetizer we had edamame, which I had never tried. It was different and only okay; as I tell roommate H about how I tried it, she tells me I should have added tons of salt - noted. Usually when I go out for sushi I get the same thing: Philadelphia rolls and Sunday Morning rolls (which are just fried Philly rolls). On Friday night, though, I ordered the Cherry St. rolls, which were crab meat, salmon, cream cheese, and...pineapple. It was - not surprisingly - delicious. After dinner we watched "Serious Moonlight" with Meg Ryan, Tim Hutton, and Kristen Bell. It was bizarre and hysterical; the ending was so smooth.

Saturday morning AP, her mother-in-law and I went AP's cosmetology school appointment (she begins in September!). It looks so fun! She is going to be learning everything from facials to make up to hair. I will definitely be going to get a facial from her next fall. After the appointment we went out for Mexican food and then went to several furniture stores, which was the perfect way to spend a lazy, rainy Saturday afternoon. Meanwhile, my little sister was attending her last prom (she graduates in less than a month, ack!) with her handsome date who picked her up in a brand new Lexus. My prom date forgot his tuxedo pants for my senior prom- but that's another story for another day. Saturday evening boyfriend M, DP, AP and I went out to eat with DP's parents. We enjoyed a big plate of "Spanish fries", which are hot fries with jalapenos, onions, and spicy Spanish seasoning.

Sunday morning we exchanged bunches of hugs with our good friends DP and AP as we were leaving. And I snapped this picture of their adorable puppy, Lucky:

Before heading back to school I told boyfriend M there were a couple of things I wanted to do: have coffee and go see the azaleas (what I wanted to do last weekend). So we went to a cute and cozy coffee place to spend a rainy Sunday morning.

I had a huge iced mocha with an equally huge blueberry muffin.

I loved snuggling boyfriend M while drinking my coffee. I wish I could spend every Sunday morning leaning on his shoulder, sipping my iced mocha, and watching the slow bustle of the coffee shop. After coffee we went to the park, but since it was raining I only saw the flowers from the inside of my car (with windows down, much to boyfriend M's protest, thankyouverymuch!). Look how beautiful the azaleas are:

Sunday afternoon I met up at the library with a few classmates to discuss our marketing research project, blahblahblah. Once the meeting was over I went to a local arts festival hoping to find a pair of cute homemade earrings. I walked around for 45 minutes in the rain looking and finally found a pair that I guessed was $10. I turned the tag around: $45. No, thanks.

Art from the festival

When I got home I made roommate J and I drinks. I just mixed lemonade, Sprite, and fresh strawberries. It was cold and crisp but we poured about half a canister of sugar into our drinks to even make it remotely sweet, so I need to work on the recipe.

I ended the weekend by watching "The September Issue", which I raved about in my old blog. It was so good. Anna Wintour, you are ice. I may even do a whole post about this documentary because I loved it that much.

How does everyone pick a couple of things to highlight from their weekend? Whenever I have as much fun as I had, I want to record every detail so I can remember it. Whether your weekend was recounted in a couple sentences or loaded detail (like mine), I hope it was just as fabulous! The only thing I ask for next weekend is sunshine. While I enjoy a good thunderstorm, cold drizzle from Friday to Sunday is not appreciated.

Hope your Monday is off to a great start.


  1. sounds like a fun weekend! mmm, iced mochas are my fave!

  2. Love your little recap. Adding salt to the edamame is good tip---that's how I like it best! Glad you got to spend time with your bf!! xoxo katie