Monday, November 7, 2011

Mini update: weekend version.

What a weekend! I spent half of the weekend at home and the second half of the weekend in my college town.

The first half of the weekend:

My mom made a pot of homemade hot chocolate and we watched What Women Want. (Hint: I know it's an old movie, but the answer is not in this movie.)

I took another long drive - the trees were so beautiful - and snapped the pictures above.

My friend ADP came to town and we celebrated her 23rd birthday with sushi and cocktails.

The second half of the weekend:

My friends and I went to a home football game and watched a nail-biting game that caused our team to secure a spot in the Top 10...for another week, at least.

Met another friend, HM, at Starbucks to drink salted caramel mochas and work on our novels for National Novel Writing Month.

What did you do this weekend? Savor an extra hour of sleep? Decorate for the holidays?

PS: I love that the pictures I took combine fall and winter. It is definitely the most wonderful time of the year.

PPS: Of course I remembered my camera for the drive, but I forgot it when I went out with ADP + friends and to the football game. What kind of blogger am I?


  1. You are such a talented photographer. I can't even begin to take pretty pictures like this. Your blog is so inspiring!

  2. Hi Merritt! I actually went to Suzy for a new header after seeing the work she did with your blog! She's so fantastic! I actually drew something out to give her an idea of what I wanted and she made it a reality-- much like your story. We're so lucky!

  3. Ooooh, those pictures are gorgeous! I love fall, and riiiiight when it's turning into winter. After that, it's too cold or too hot.

  4. i love that you're doing nanowrimo...i wanted to do this last year AND this year...but....sigh. alas and alack. i'm too busy all the time. someday?

  5. Geez, guys! Thank you for all the photography love. It's all because of my beautiful, bulky Nikon.

    @Celeste - We ARE so lucky! She is super talented. The globe kills me. Such a pretty layout.

    @Suzy - Now I'm maaaybe doing NaNoWriMo. Computer went #@*&%$ on me. :( Hope you are doing well!

  6. Any weekend that involves sushi and pretty fall pictures sounds like a great weekend to me :). This weekend I went to San Francisco, I just posted about it.