Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fall downs.

Yesterday was hilarious.

I had to make a presentation about police brutality in law enforcement (if you're quick, you're like, What does this have to do with your major in Hospitality/Event Planning? And to that I say: great question). One of the girls in my group project showed up drunk to our presentation. You could smell it on her breath and hear it in her speech: words were shouted sporadically. "Some police OFFICERS practice the BLUE CODE of silence, which WAS DESIGNED to PROTECT OFFICERS AND MAINTAIN a brotherhood AMONGST each OTHER."


And when I got home my computer did some wonky grey screen + color flashes for thirty seconds until I stood on top of my chair, bent over, and pressed the power button with all the force in the world. So? ...About applying for jobs, blogging, writing for NaNoWriMo. I'll be taking her to Best Buy today to see if they can work any magic on her. Come on, little Dell that could.

But you know what happened between the inebriated presentation and the computer kaput?

"Hi, yes, we have a perishable package for you in the mailing center. Please come pick it up as soon as possible."

My first thought was homemade cookies from my mom. My second thought was artwork from my sister (super talented artist), and then I remembered that would be fragile, not perishable.

When I arrived at the mailing center, I saw a long, green box and did a little squeal inside. Pleeease be mine! Yep, it was mine. A dozen red, yellow, and peach colored roses from Mark. Be still, my heart.

Is there anything better than having flowers delivered to your place on a random Tuesday afternoon for no reason at all? Wish I could post a picture, but I'm typing on a janky computer in the writing lab.

Sometimes nothing goes right and the love of your life surprises you with flowers that brighten your bedroom and your funny day.

PS: Mark and his family call flowers "fall downs" because that is what his oldest brother called them when he was a little kid. I think it's charming that they all say it.

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