Friday, October 7, 2011

Anniversary #4!

Holy time flies, Batman! Mark and I are celebrating our four year anniversary this weekend.

We are going to the fair (baby goats! Ferris wheels! fried fat!) and to a pumpkin patch to pick plump pumpkins right from the vine. Plus, we will probably watch a ton of football. (Too bad our beloved Broncos suck.)

This is Mark in a nutshell:

On my 21st birthday, I was having the best hair day in the history of best hair days. All of my friends had gathered at my favorite Mexican restaurant on the river and we were toasting with margaritas when a giant clap of thunder erupted. And then another and another. It started pouring, but I didn't think about my awesome hair until we were all standing to leave. "Theeee raaaaiiiin," I whined. (We hadn't thought to bring rain jackets, as it was the end of June and had been hot and sticky all day.) Before I even realized Mark had wandered off, he was coming back with several large (unused!) trash bags for my friends and me. Instant ponchos. A drop of rain didn't touch my hair and it stayed shiny and bouncy all night. He makes me swoon.

I can't wait to hug & smooch my green-eyed, freckly boyfriend all weekend.

Happy anniversary to us on the 9th, HB! It gets (even) better every year.


  1. Happy anniversary! How time flies by! I'm sure it seems like just yesterday <3 enjoy your lovely weekend you have planned!