Thursday, September 15, 2011

More link love.

It's a wonder I get anything done with all the time I spend admiring every surface of the Internet. I have a few blog topics I'd like to hammer out, but these links are too good not to share. (Here's a previous link love post.)

Well, now we all know what Anna Wintour eats for breakfast. Hysterical!

I'd love to get a string or ten of these pretty lights.

Honestly? I almost cried, because this adorable couple reminds me of my grandma and late grandpa. (Save for the hilarious part about the boobs. That wasn't Papa's style.)

And another link featuring - funnily enough - the Silent Generation. This grandma rocks!

I know I'm one of those dweeby - and rare - 90's lovers, but I neeeeeed these. Paired with tights - and suspenders if I'm feeling feisty. Yes, please.

A gorgeous DIY for fall.

Yes! This restaurant is equal parts ludicrous, clever, and witty.

Have a great Thursday! xo

(Photo from my summer trip to Portland; farmer's market @ PSU.)


  1. love the links!!

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog now, lots of cool links! Those lights are amaaaazingness!!!!! :o)
    And that diy is so cute. I have yet to watch all the videos...loading!.
    Have a great weekend!! :o)