Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I like things funky & nontraditional.

The other day my boyfriend and I were on our way to get burgers and shakes when I blurted out that I dislike the name he has picked for his future daughter. (By the way, we're not pregnant and that would currently be impossible. We have lots of hypothetical conversations about the future.) He chuckled and said, "And what would you name your daughter? Something bizarre like Six or Sky?" I countered: "You only love plain cookie-cutter names!"

There is tons to be said about the names we covet.

He is: realistic, pragmatic, safe.

I am: risky; a dreamer with my head in the clouds.

But that is why we are perfect together. He brings me back to earth when I fantasize too much. I plan adventures when he grows bored with being tame.

Who knows what we'll end up naming our (way-in-the-future) children.

Probably Six and Bob.


  1. Ha. I love this. It's a lovely length of a tidbit about life--romantic life--what it's like to have a partner who you don't quite know your future with life. I like that.

    And--I used to hate the name my boyfriend had picked out for his daughter. But now we talk about her frequently--in the VERY, VERY distant future--and I love it. I cannot bear to think of not having her--or him to give us her. It's a very odd but beautiful thing.

  2. Thanks so much! It was fun to write.

    Congratulations on your little in-the-very-very-distant-future nugget!