Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I suck at posting. But, hey - I'm living.

Since I last posted -

Wednesday: Picked up sister from the airport; her summer adventure in Portland is over, so she was headed back south. A good night of sleep on my queen-sized bed at home. Thursday: Morning iced mochas. Lunch with grandmother (mom's mom). Pedicures with mama. The Help with all the ladies in my family. Lunch with mama & sister: tomato soup with pine nuts and parmesan, because for once it was like 80 degrees out instead of 110. Trip to our grandma's (dad's mom); jammed to Mountain Man and Josh Garrels the entire way. Pored over old photo albums and asked thousands of questions about grandpa like we did here last summer. Saturday: Went to a very early breakfast. Grandma told us to sleep in and opened the door to our bedroom at 7:50am. (Yeah, not so much, Gramz.) Then dad's whole side of the family came over for his birthday party. We had steak & potatoes for lunch and Cheerwine and chocolate pie for dessert. Drove home. Cider on the patio with ADP and her husband GP. Sunday: More iced mochas. Church. Drove back to the big city where I'm living this summer. Went to my last shift at the restaurant job. Monday: Slept. Swam at the pool. Had drinks at the bar with friends. Tuesday: Watched Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Went out for ice cream (mine had butterscotch and crushed pretzels.)

Well, that's what I've been doing. Sorry for the lack of posting, but family-time, friend-time, and super-cold-ice-cream-time trump the ol' blog.

Plus, school starts Monday the 22nd, so I'm soaking up summer.

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