Wednesday, July 20, 2011

SOS! Send ice cream.

So two weeks ago, the night before I was supposed to leave for Portland, I came out of the event hall/ballroom where I intern and discovered my tire was smushed into the concrete - completely flat. I buried my head in my hands. Rubbed my temples. Rolled my eyes. Sighed.

One of the security guards for the event hall came out and tried to fix the flat, but my car was too close to the curb and he couldn't get the right angle on it. So I called my friend JH and she said I could use her AAA. We ordered sushi and waited for AAA to arrive. As soon as we finished dinner, my tire had been fixed and I was able to go pack.

Today I came out of the gym and a different tire was beginning to deflate. Blank stare. Boyfriend M took me to the nearest gas station and helped me air it up. Then guess what happened? My car overheated. The engine roared and steamed.

And when I got home tonight? I found out the unit for the air conditioning is broken. It's 87 degrees in my room. Now I'm overheating.

I just have two questions.

1. Is it fall yet? and 2. Can someone send 500 gallons of mint chocolate chip ice cream?

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