Monday, April 11, 2011

A taco bar birthday party.

Saturday evening we had a taco bar party at J's mom's house in her hometown. A few of J's friends from high school + J's work friends + our regular crew came to celebrate.

I asked J if I could do a little decorating in the backyard. I brought flowers, a birthday banner, mason jars of candy, Scrabble pieces, mustache cups, and I made frozen grape kabobs.

The night was fun! We all sat on the patio nursing cold beers until dusk. Before dinner, we watched J swing at the piñata, which had lots of candy and cash inside. We spent the rest of the evening eating tacos, homemade queso, and grape kabobs. Everyone was so full from J's mom's delicious dinner that we didn't even open J's cookie cake. After dinner we all went to a friend's and drank beers and played volleyball in the backyard.

Here's a little peek into the party...

Birthday banner above the cooler of beers. Some of J's favorite candies. Taco bar that J's mom set up. I made the grape kabobs, which were a huge hit with the adorable 3 year old neighbor. Piñata full of candy & money; perfect for the taco bar theme.


  1. Yes, i'm back peddling on your blog because I haven't read it in so long. I fail. But that party was so much fun and I don't think i ever told you what an awesome job you did at decorating. And oh gosh! Little J (the neighbor!) was riot. She was soo cute! But she kept trying to steal my grabs and the two of us about got in a fight! You know how I am about my food- teehee. :)