Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend recap: food & friends!

What a weekend! I'm afraid to step on the scale.

Friday evening, my roommate J and I met up with our friend KO and my boyfriend M. We all went to eat at a local Mexican restaurant. Salsa, queso, margaritas. Then we went out for coffee. Lots of good conversation.

Saturday morning boyfriend M and I woke up early to have breakfast with our friend AP and her mother-in-law Mrs. P. We went to this quirky breakfast deli downtown where Pez lined the window sill and twinkly lights were wrapped around the lime green railings. I had a huge order of French toast and couldn't even finish half of it. It was fabulous to see AP and Mrs. P, as we hadn't seen them since last year! We chatted long after our meals were finished, which I know can be annoying (experience as a waitress), but there was so much to catch up on.

After breakfast we went back to bed and finally decided to get up and around at noon. Then we explored a little district near downtown. We went to lunch around 3 at a very cute cafe. I had a sandwich with sprouts, cheddar, cucumber, and cream cheese. Each table had funky salt and pepper shakers. Our table had cat salt and pepper shakers, but there were watermelons, seashells, and trains. It made me want to collect peculiar little shakers.

After a late lunch we went to Border's and browsed until my mom and step-dad arrived in the big city. Then guess what we did. Salsa, queso, and margaritas part II. And after that? Coffee part II. The coffee shop was adorable and I wish I had brought my camera in to take pictures.

Once we were extremely full of Mexican food and espresso, we started to get a little goofy. My step-dad and boyfriend had a Angry Birds battle (oh, brother) while mom and I giggled over little things. I loved seeing my family and wish my baby sister could have joined us!

Late Saturday evening my boyfriend and I went to a house party. House parties are funny now that I can get into bars (there's just something hilarious about kegs and red Solo cups), but we went to celebrate some friend's birthdays and it was a blast! It was like a reunion of the friends I had my freshmen year of college (before they all graduated and moved away.) We didn't get to bed until 5am, though, so my morning was sour.

We met mom and my step dad on Sunday morning for brunch at this popular local dive. I had a cinnamon roll the size of my head and ate every bite. After brunch we went shopping - and I scored some cute things at Gap; thanks, mom! - and then we all went our separate ways. My parents back to my hometown, my boyfriend back to his house in the big city, and I went back to my college town.

It was so wonderful to see KO, AP/Mrs. P, my parents, old friends from freshmen year, and of course, boyfriend M. I wish I could have a repeat every weekend! Save for the bajillion calories of all the delicious food I ate.

I hope you all had a good weekend, too. So here's Monday. My weekend countdown has already started.

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