Friday, February 4, 2011

A letter to the blizzard.

Dear Snowpocalypse,

I feel like I have been living in a snow globe all week. Thank you for causing classes to be cancelled Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. During this time, I was able to: watch a zillion movies (including the brilliant Steel Magnolias), drink several margartias, throw my hip out (not really) in a hilarious dance party, and take a kajillion indulgent my-fingers-are-now-prunes hot showers. And while this has been a nice break, no-freaking-thank-you for:

1. The nastiest cough I've ever had. (And the resulting raw nose/chronic hacking.)
2. Trapping my roommates and I in a tiny apartment. We love each other, but not that much.
3. Not allowing me to take any cool snowy pictures because the "real feel" of -16 is not worth standing outside for even thirty seconds.
4. Closing the dessert shop. No work means no money.
5. Ruining my trip to see my mom and boyfriend M this weekend.

And here you go again with more fat flakes! At least this piping hot mocha will keep me warm.

No x's or o's,

Mocha Mornings

PS: But seriously. You can leave now.

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  1. A-freakin-men... I literally called my best friend yesterday and cried over how much I miss living in San Diego! Sigh... Only a few more weeks (hopefully)!