Friday, February 11, 2011

Crappy day turned perfect.

February 10, 2011 was the best worst day ever.

I woke up cranky. Stumbled into the shower, checked the forecast (-19 degrees!), and crammed my books into my backpack. I got into my car, backed out, and cursed the icy parking lot. As I approached a light and began braking, my car started making a grinding noise and sliding on the ice.

Right into the bumper of a Tahoe.

Through my sobs I asked the driver of the Tahoe if she was alright. Instead of replying and asking if I was okay, she barked at me to retrieve my insurance. As I was getting the insurance, she went to the back of my car and wrote down my tags and yelled at me from behind my car to give my name and phone number. I suggested we call the police and she hissed that she needed to take her daughter to class. As I got into my car I told her I'd have my lawyer call her. (Sidenote: I don't have a lawyer.)

I got to class - twenty minutes late - and discovered I read the wrong chapter for the quiz. Lovely.

Then there were other minor details of the day that just made my bad day even more crappy - slipped on the ice, work was busy, eyebrow wax. You know how little things upset you on a bad day (when they normally wouldn't)? It was like that.

As I'm writing this, it doesn't seem so bad; I was just very shaken from the accident and it felt like nothing was going right for me. I knew when I got home from work I had about five hours of statistics homework to do, so I was really reluctant to go home.

I stopped for a Diet Coke at the gas station. Checked the mail. (Ooh, a cute card + $20 from my grandmother for Valentine's Day! This made my bad day better; she's so sweet.) Trudged slowly through the slush and ice to my apartment.

When I walked into my apartment, there were roses and a card sitting on the coffee table. I was on the phone with my dad, so I just glanced at them and began walking to my room.

Then my boyfriend walked out. My boyfriend, who lives an hour away from me, had come to my apartment. And he brought roses. I started crying - this time happy tears - as we embraced.

And if the sweet card from my grandmother and the charming surprise from my boyfriend weren't enough, my mom sent me a picture-message of a Valentine's Day gift she bought me: the pretty felt hat I put on my Christmas wish list. "I know you're having an awful day, so here is the surprise Valentine's Day gift I got you!" she wrote.

Seriously - the best worst day ever.

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