Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Good morning! Hope everyone had a long weekend of rest and relaxation. Friday evening H, B, and I had take-out Italian and watched The Kids Are All Right. Saturday I worked a shift at the dessert shop, and then M got into town in the late afternoon. We went out for margaritas and Mexican food, and then we snuggled (which included an awesome back rub!). Sunday was super-lazy; football, pizza, beer, and card games. Monday morning M and I went on a donut date and browsed the history and puppy/dog sections at a local bookstore. Now it's Tuesday. I can't believe it's a new week - a new week of quizzes, deadlines, etc. At least it's short, though.

So one of my resolutions is to take on challenges. Three current challenges:

1. Make biscotti.
2. Anthropologie postcard: write an original postcard in 30 words or less inspired by their recent newsletter.
3. Sell my homemade greeting cards to local stores.

I love extra chocolate-y biscotti with hot lattes. I've never made the Italian twice-baked cookies, but it seems like a simple, intriguing challenge. If I have a chance to make it this week (and if it's delicious), I'll post the recipe!

I received the Anthropologie postcard challenge in my e-mail a few weeks ago. After viewing their latest newsletter, the challenge was to write what is being felt, seen, eaten, etc. in the newsletter in 30 words or less on a "postcard". I have always struggled with making my writing concise (ever seen my blog posts?), so I figured this would be a difficult challenge. I was right, but I think I would have made my ex-journalism professors proud. Fingers crossed! (The deadline was this evening, but perhaps Anthropologie will post another fun challenge soon.)

The first challenge is easy; the second challenge is moderately difficult for a diction-loving fool like me. The third challenge - successfully sell homemade cards to local shops - is very hard and very worth it. But I read a HuffPost article that Laura from a diary of little things and curiosities posted about, which details how to make 2011 the best year yet. (Article here.) I fell in love with #28: keep your plans to yourself. And because I read the article and because I loved #28, my lips are sealed about my greeting cards. I'll reveal what's in the cards (too corny?) when plans are more final, and of course, I'll be happy to share then.

Just wanted to update everyone. I'm more accountable this way, right? I guess I'm currently 1 for 3 in my challenges - or maybe 1 and a half. Next week I'll post a couple more challenges. Perhaps I'll make it a weekly post?

In the meantime - happy Tuesday! We're only four days from the weekend...

(Picture: from my Nikon P100; family of birds; edited saturation.)

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