Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Last Thursday evening boyfriend M and I snuggled up in a booth at a little Greek cafe. It was storming madly outside, but inside it was warm and the speakers quietly played Zooey Deschanel. Boyfriend M tried tabouli and falafel; he wasn't a total fan of the tabouli, but he loved his falafel. Unfortunately, we only had time to have dinner before he had to go to class and then head back home (an hour away). Every time he leaves I am filled with an overwhelming sadness and I ache for the days we are living in the same town again. (Pardon me.)

After boyfriend M left and I was finished crying like a baby, I went out with my girlfriends. We danced all night at a local bar, which took my mind off of missing my M. (We had a blast!) After several beers, our legs were sore from shameless dancing, and in the early morning hours we headed home.

Friday was an extremely lazy day. I don't even remember doing anything until Friday night when my roommates (J, H, and B) and I went to see Eat, Pray, Love. I couldn't handle that movie. I tried to convince myself it was 'good', but it wasn't. I can't say why without spoiling the movie. (Hint: don't go see it; at the very most, Redbox it.) After the movies we went to the wine bar and split a bottle of Hogue and shared a cheese plate and cheesecake.

Saturday was officially the first day of college football. (And we had beautiful weather!) We ate roommate H's chili and went to the game. When the boys ran out onto the field, I cried. Seriously. Who does that? I am the biggest sap. I think it was partly because our group (J, H, and B) was smaller this year because our friends G and JLH graduated and because boyfriend M moved for his student teaching. I wanted them all there so much! Our team won big-time and we all celebrated back at our apartment. Saturday night post-game was so much fun, but not the kind of fun you relay on your blog.

(If you're wondering why I am rewinding all the way back to Thursday, it's because I somewhat use this blog as a journal. I used to keep a journal on my old laptop, but it crashed and I lost all my files. I find this more reliable. Of course, I can't spill all my secrets like I can in a real diary, but I have fun doing this. And I would love to put pictures up from the weekend; however, I am not quite comfortable sharing that much right now.)

Fast forward to present day.

This morning I tried to turn my car on to get to class. Clickclickclick. Dead battery. Since I didn't cry enough Thursday when M left and Saturday when the football team ran out, I cried some more. I am extremely neurotic, if you haven't noticed. (I say that half-jokingly.) I wish boyfriend M was here to look under the hood and comfort me. Thankfully my roommates will give me rides to work and class until my car works again. Even though I am very frustrated with my car, I have to admit a dead battery, in the scheme of things, is really not that bad at all.

Hope you all had a great three-day weekend. So happy it's a short week!

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