Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wonderful weekend.

Happy August! I ended July with boyfriend M and it was fabulous.

Friday evening we went to a local burger bar and had spicy burgers and margaritas. Sometimes M and I play a game while splitting an appetizer where we guess how long a couple has been seeing each other based on what they are doing: sitting side-by-side, texting someone else, talking too loudly, picking at their food, etc. To others we probably appeared to be on a first date because we were sharing electrifying conversation and couldn't stop grinning at each other. In the parking lot after dinner we were hugging and I began kissing M when a man about 15 years older than us walked by and said, "Get a room!" I stopped kissing M, turned to the couple (the woman was shaking her head) and said "You all get a room!" and crumpled into laughter.

Saturday we woke up early to get fresh donuts, go to the Farmer's Market and browse books at Barnes & Noble. M wants to be a history teacher after he graduates, so Saturday afternoon I took him to a historical park for a guided tour.

Once the tour was over we went to see "Dinner for Schmucks" - with Paul Rudd, Zach Galifianakis, and Steve Carell - which hilarious throughout, but I actually expected more with such a phenomenal cast. For dinner we went to a wine bar and had tapas and wine. We sampled several wines, and my favorite was The Velvet Devil.

Late Saturday night boyfriend M and I went and got ice cream where little sis H works. Then we drove to a quiet little spot downtown to lay under the stars. On the way, we passed a busy venue where dozens of people stood outside holding sparklers as a bride and groom exited excitedly; I almost cried - it was so beautiful. When we got to the quiet spot we spread out a beach towel and laid together, talking about books, our friends, the coming semester, and our dreams. We could have slept there - a warm night cozied up on a bright striped towel.

This morning we took our books (him: Tale of Two Cities, her: A Thousand Splendid Suns) to my favorite coffee shop and read, nibbling at pastries and sipping coffee. A relaxing end to a brilliant weekend.

Tomorrow I'll do a re-cap of my vacation to Saugatuck, Michigan.

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