Friday, August 27, 2010

Growing up is for grown-ups.

Because I graduated high school in May of 2007, the plan was to graduate college in May of 2011. But during my sophomore year of college I changed my major from journalism to hospitality (after friends told me I should become an event coordinator), so I have an additional semester to complete, which makes my graduation date December of 2011 instead. (Please excuse the longest run-on sentence ever. Perhaps that's really why I am no longer majoring in journalism.) Graduating on time is so over-rated, anyway - right?

I can't wrap my mind around seniors who are looking forward to graduating. Imagine waking up at six in the morning, attaching an IV of coffee to your arm, working with a bunch of Negative Nancy-types, going home to your DVR of Real Housewives, and falling asleep by nine o'clock. No thank you. Drinking a glass (or three) of wine, dancing, sleeping in (and sleeping it off), peaceful bike ride or greasy food (both hangover miracles)...I'll take that any day. And there are pros to a big-girl job, you know, read: salary; and cons to college, read: pop quizzes and exams. But after a fabulous back-to-school week consisting of free spin classes, roommate lunches, riding my bicycle at random times of the day, trying a new bottle of wine, lounging in the sun in the courtyard watching friends throw Frisbees, meeting new people, playfully crushing on young, intelligent professors, and vacation Thursdays*, I find it extremely difficult to think: "Oh boy! In a year I won't be able to stay out late without feeling like hell at work and I will hardly ever sleep in! Yipee!"

While the responsible students are going to spend their weekend studying and posting Facebook statuses about looking forward to graduation, I am going to spend the weekend doing what I love: a little R & R...sans books and anxious status updates.

*Boyfriend M and I no longer live in the same town because he is student teaching while I am still attending the university. However, he has to take a methods course every Thursday evening in the city where I attend school, so we are going to meet up every Thursday before his class and have dinner. Last night we got an appetizer, burgers and dessert (!!). We never eat like that and agreed we felt like we were on vacation. Hence: vacation Thursdays. I'm excited to see where we "vacation" next week!

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