Sunday, May 2, 2010

This post might make your eyes cross.

Typically I would be posting about my weekend on Monday morning while cozied up in a booth with roommate H sipping iced mochas, but it's finals week and roommate H has a final tomorrow morning at our usual meeting time (which means we had our last blog/coffee date of the semester a week ago and didn't even realize it). And because it's finals week that means I will be: writing blog posts instead of studying, writing run-on sentences like the one prior to this and kind-of like this, making late night trips to the gas station for coffee/Red Bull/Diet Coke/candy, and basically doing whatever I can to not study.) So, bloggy friends, if you are avoiding finals, avoiding your children, etc., continue reading for the longest blog post of your life.

Thursday evening was the eleven course dinner with my Service class. (Since I am a Hotel and Restaurant Administration major - with an emphasis in event coordinating - I have to take a class called "Service Management" where we are servers in a fine-dining establishment on campus; the tips we earn go toward scholarship money and a "dining out experience", which is the eleven course meal.)

I arrived at the restaurant and was thrilled to see my classmates in heels and ties. (Yes! An excuse for me to prance around in my black peep-toe pumps all evening!) Mostly everyone had a flute of champagne, but The Powers That Be saw to it that myself and one other 20-year-old weren't served (free) alcohol. We socialized for awhile and then got seated next to two of my class friends, the professor for the Service, and my favorite professor of all time* (not to be confused with the professor for the Service class). I couldn't have been happier with the seating arrangements and relished in the idea of rubbing elbows with my favorite professor of all time. More intimidating than sitting with her was the amount of silverware at the place setting. (Sorry in advance to the workers at the dish pit - you're about to wash a shit-ton of silverware.)

*My favorite professor of all times dyes her hair a different (awesome) shade of red every week and one of her favorite sayings is "I try not to limited my madness to March".

The first course we were served was testa with shaved radish, chives, and crisp toast. After the testa was a house made crepe with osetra caviar and creme fraiche.
I almost spit fish eggs all over the table and my favorite professor of all time when the Chef came and announced the caviar we were tasting cost $1,000 per pound. Immediately after the caviar we were served an arugula salad with shaved fennel, goat cheese, and preserved lemon vinaigrette. The bitterness and tanginess of the salad was appreciated after the saltiness of the caviar.

At this point I had consumed 2 glasses of Diet Coke while everyone was being poured a glass of red. The next course was a linguini with tellicherry black pepper, butter, and extra virgin olive oil. It was fabulous. Following the linguini was a brasato ravioli with leeks and butter. Again - fabulous. When the next course - a risotto with morel mushrooms and truffle butter - was served, I began twisting uncomfortably in my chair wondering how A. I was going to eat 5 more courses and B. How I was going to make the slim, fitted dress I was wearing expand so that I could breathe. And then the waiter came and offered me a third glass of Diet Coke and I told him, "Actually, just bring me an IV of it."

Once we were finished with the risotto, Japanese ahi tuna with tomato, olive, anchovy, and capers was served. I had never tried ahi tuna or anchovy, but I loved the taste. Extraordinary.

Then porchetta was served - and wasn't very memorable because I can't remember what it was or how it tasted - and then we had cote de boeuf, potato gratin and bearnaise. I died and went to Potato and Bleu Cheese Heaven. Holy crap.

Despite savoring every bite, I was anxious for something sweet. Along with my millionth glass of Diet Coke, we were served a chocolate "bouchon" with chocolate mousse and espresso sauce. Unfortunately, the chocolate dessert was bland and I was disappointed because it was supposed to be the delicious conclusion. But then!, the hero - lemon granita - was served, and my mouth rejoiced.

At the end of the dinner we were given awards - nerdily titled the "Serv-ees" - and I was awarded Most Humorous for my "hilarious jokes and ability to spit out one liners". Duh, right? After the dinner I had to make an hour drive so that I could baby-sit for my friend AP on Friday morning at 6:45am. I got to bed around 1:30am and was awake and showering by 5:45am. Therefore, Friday morning through Saturday afternoon was spent baby-sitting and sleeping, though not at the same time.

Saturday evening boyfriend M and I went to AP's graduation party. We brought her the most beautiful bouquet of flowers and enjoyed the cook-out her parent-in-laws hosted. I hadn't eaten all day because I slept until 4pm - and you'd think I'd still be full from Thursday's dinner, but I was starved- so I had a burger and a hot dog...and later I had cake.
Congratulations, AP - you're Super Woman! (This chic worked 40 hours a week, took classes online to finish her degree, and completed an internship this past semester.)

Today was simple and lovely. I began the morning having iced mochas and muffins with boyfriend M. We read the funnies together and then he studied and I read a gajillion blogs (I love reading about everyone - y'all are so interesting!). I adore sitting side-by-side with boyfriend M, not talking but snuggling or holding hands and enjoying a peaceful Sunday morning.After coffee I relaxed around the apartment with roommate J and one of our besties JLH, who is living with us until Saturday (woo!). Then roommate J and I went shopping and out to dinner. We went to our favorite sushi place; I had a fried Philly roll and together we shared a super spicy roll that made my eyes water. Now I am lying (or is it laying?) in bed, winding down, and glaring at the big, fat to-do list that is resting on my thigh reminding me of all of the oh-so-boring things I have to do tomorrow (pay the electric bill, internship advising, study, etc.) If you are still reading, I desperately love you and hope I did not bore you.

Hope everyone has a happy Monday! Make sure to update your blogs with lots of pretty, fabulous things for me to ogle and drool over instead of studying for finals.

PS: Happy May!


  1. Thanks for this...I'm avoiding job applications.

    And $1000 per pound caviar? Dear lord.

  2. Oh my word. I am now ravenously hungry. That dinner sounds amazing!