Friday, May 7, 2010

Date night!

Before the rush and stress of finals week, boyfriend M and I decided that after we finished finals we were going to spend an evening together relaxing in our college town before we moved to our hometowns for the summer. (Sad.)

We started the evening at our favorite Chinese restaurant. Boyfriend M had the sesame chicken and I had jalapeno chicken. The special includes rice, a spring roll, and sweet and sour chicken - so filling.

The restaurant is very small with cafeteria booths; the walls of the restaurants are covered in panda paintings, drawings, and pictures. I personally love this panda:

When we had finished eating we opened our fortune cookies. Mine said: "A new wardrobe brings great joy and change to your life." I squealed and said "Yay! Now I can buy those sandals I've been wanting!", to which M promptly rolled his eyes. (Hopefully I'll be purchasing the little beauties this weekend.)

After dinner we drove to campus to tour the oldest building on campus (lots of neat history). Unfortunately the tours stopped at 5, so I could only take a picture. Isn't it beautiful?

We decided to go play mini-golf instead. I usually beat M (and by usually I mean always). And he doesn't throw the game, either. I am just that good. (Am I full of myself?) So before we played we made a wager: loser gives winner back massage. The entire game was full of little jabs. Somehow he ended up beating me for the first time and when I tried to hand him the ball he played with as a souvenir, he said, "Keep it. It'll remind you of the time I beat your butt at mini golf." (I wouldn't exactly say winning by three strokes is "beating my butt", M...)
After mini-golf we were going to take a bottle of sparkling grape juice (M isn't drinking right now) and a quilt out to one of my favorite spots, but he started feeling sick during our date (cold symptoms), so we didn't. Before heading back to M's apartment we bought a couple of scratch-off lottery tickets on a whim. Boyfriend M won $20 and I won $4! He pocketed his, but I kept playing, and went home with nothing.

It was a perfect night of talking about how cool it'd be to work as a park ranger, doing impressions of the host on the show "The Biggest Loser" (thus laughing our heads off), and listening to She & Him in the car as we drove to each spot we visited.

We ended the evening with snuggling and toasting our glasses of sparkling grape juice to our happiness, health, and to a fun summer. Love you, M.


  1. That may be the best fortune I've ever heard of. I wish I got that one every time I had Chinese food.

  2. I know! And so, I bought the sandals. (A resounding duh.) I hope that the next time you have Chinese you get a similar fortune!